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Member Resignations


The deadline for resignation is April 1 of each year.  Anyone wishing to resign from the pool must send a written resignation letter along with their bond to:  

Shellcrest Membership

P.O. Box 7214

Wilmington, DE 19803

If you cannot locate your bond, a notarized letter must take its place.  Resignations must be received/ postmarked by April 1 of that year, or the full season’s dues will be assessed.  There are no refunds after April 1.  This is done to ensure a predictable cash flow to the pool.  

Bond Refunds:

  • Only fully paid bond costs are refundable when resigning from the club, only if resignation is received by due date.  

  • Bonds are refunded in the order the resignations are received and as the bonds are purchased by new members.

  • Please note that bond payments will only be distributed when the pool is at full capacity.

  • You will be added to the bond refund list in the order that your resignation is received, you can email the Shellcrest Board ( to inquire where you stand on the refund list.

  • Shellcrest appreciates your patience, as refunds can take multiple years.

Thank you 

Shellcrest Board

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