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Bond Application Form

Bond purchases are a requirement of Shellcrest Pool Membership and entitles you to a prorated ownership of the pool.
The cost of a Shellcrest Bond is $350.00 if paid in the last Year of Membership.
Bonds can be paid over a 3-year period with an additional $15 fee per year.

$140 Payment required each year until paid in full. (This includes the $15 fee to split bond payments)
Any amounts paid are Non-Refundable until the Bond is paid in full.

Certified Bonds are issued for New Members at the beginning of the summer once the Bond is fully paid.

The board will issue bonds under a single Family Member's Name.

Only fully paid Bond costs are refundable when resigning from the club, only if resignation is received by due date. Bonds are refunded in the order the resignations are received and as the bonds are purchased by new members.

Resignations must be received by April 1* or the full season’s dues will apply.
Dues are set by the club’s board of directors and must be paid by May 1* of each year. Please use Membership Dues Form to calculate total Annual Membership Cost.

Membership Dues are subject to change each year.

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