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2024 Pool Management

2023 Swim Team Coaches

  • Head Coach: Evan Frick

  • Assistant Coaches: Maggie Kirschner, and Elizabeth Maher. 

Current Board of Directors through the 2024 season

Shellcrest is currently seeking a Membership & Secretary Board Member, please email if interested

  • President - Mike Wynne

  • Treasurer - C.R. Mcleod

  • Membership - Open

  • Secretary - Open

  • Events - Kate Cahill

  • Maintenance - Open

  • Swim Team - Liz Cutrona

  • At Large - Alex Walsh

  • At Large - Dezde Stella

  • At Large - Mark Wagner 

  • At Large - Zach Klishevich

  • At Large - Chris Theibault

Committee and Board Involvement:

Individual members who want to help plan and run pool functions are invited to serve on the Club’s various committees and/or the Board of Directors.  Board Members are the Club’s governing body and meet monthly throughout the year.  Committee Members do not have to serve on the Board of Directors and can work within their committees to help organize events and activities.  Please contact any Board Member or Committee member if you have ideas or if you would like to help.

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