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Maintenance Fees & Maintenance Day Policy:

A One Hundred dollar ($100.00) maintenance fee will be automatically assessed to all bondholders, requiring members to pay $100.00 along with the member dues.  If you volunteer and meet the requirements outlined for maintenance day participation, members are eligible to receive a $50 value of Guest Passes & Food Cards. Each will be given out at the after opening day.


To receive credit for participation in a Maintenance day each family MUST:

  • Sign up for a date(s) on the attached Member Dues Worksheet

  • Perform a minimum of four (4) hours of work verified by having a board member sign you in and when completed, have a board member sign you out.


Maintenance fees are necessary to provide the revenue needed to meet the rising operating and maintenance costs of our club. Participating in Maintenance days helps to offset these costs.


Senior members (aged 60+) who have (10) consecutive years of membership are not required to participate.  Many seniors have participated in past years and their help has been greatly appreciated. **However if you have adult children 22+ on your membership no matter your age they must volunteer 4 hours or be charged $100.00.  


2021 Scheduled Maintenance Dates:

Saturday, April 19         10AM-2PM

Sunday, May 2             10PM-2PM


Work will include landscaping, cleaning, painting, light carpentry and other work necessary to help prepare the pool for opening. Additional days may be added as necessary due to weather delays.

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