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Shellcrest Swimclub Bond Membership

Trial Memberships do not require a bond payment for 1st year of Membership only

Download 2023 Bond Membership Form

Bond purchases are a requirement of Shellcrest Pool Membership and entitles you to a prorated ownership of Pool.

The cost of a Shellcrest Bond is $350.00 if paid in 1st Year of Membership

Bond can be paid over 3 year period with additional $25 Fee
$125 Payment required each year until paid in full
Any amounts paid are Non-Refundable until the Bond is paid in full

Certified Bonds are issued for New Members at the beginning of the summer once the Bond is fully paid. 


  • Board will issue bonds under a single Family Members Name. 

  • Only fully paid bond costs are refundable when resigning from the club, only if resignation is received by due date.  

  • Bonds are refunded in the order the resignations are received and as the bonds are purchased by new members. 

  • Resignations must be received by April 1st or the full season’s dues will apply.  

  • Dues are set by the club’s board of directors and must be paid by May 1st of each year. Please use Membership Dues Form to calculate total Annual Membership Cost

  • Membership Dues are subject to change each year

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